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Since 1999, we have been escorting groups to Asia for Tai Chi training and sight-seeing.

Our boutique tour company is called Relax Asia Tours . We operate on a shoe-string budget and keep our prices below that of the major operators. Further more, we don’t use travel templates or cattle herd formulas. Each tour is individually crafted and designed for maximum interaction with the local people.

King StGeorge Town Tour, August 2014

For 2014 we are creating a two week holiday in the unique UNESCO World Heritage City of George Town, Penang, West Malaysia. Staying at a beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of the old town which boasts around 12,000 pre-war shophouses, colonial buildings, temples, street markets, cafes and a vibrant street culture second to none in Asia. Our visit will coincide with the annual Heritage festival and the Hungry Ghost festival. There will be a plethora of events and performances to enjoy. The itinerary will include a wide range of scenic, cultural and culinary experiences. We live in George Town for several months each year which enables us to design an interactive experience with lots of local support.

To view the proposed itinerary, please click here.


In 2013 we were fortunate enough to be part of a great group of people who spent 3 weeks touring Vietnam & Cambodia. We came home with wonderful memories, photos and a videos ( see links below ).

Hoi AnVietnam Tour 2013 Pt 1 – Hanoi

Vietnam Tour 2013 Pt 2  – Sapa

Vietnam 2013 pt 3  – Sapa

Vietnam 2013 pt 4  – Halong Bay

Vietnam Tour 2013. Part 5 – Hue

Vietnam Tour Part 6 – Hoi An

Vietnam Tour 2013 Part 7 – Saigon

Vietnam Tour 2013 Part 8  – Mekong

Cambodia 2013 Part 1  – Siem Reap

Cambodia 2013 Part 2  – Phnom Penh

Kampot 2013

Kep 2013



Wudang ShanIn 2012 we created our most ambitious tour yet. Combining the major Chinese cities of Chengdu, Xi’an and Hangzhou with icons such as the Terra Cotta Warriors and the famous West Lake in Hangzhou. The sacred mountains of Emei Shan,  Wudang  and Song Shan ( Shaolin ) with the Panda Rehabilitation Centre and the Giant Buddha at Leshan.  Add in the largest film studio on earth and the opportunity to learn Tai Chi from one of a diminishing breed of truly authentic traditional Chinese Tai Chi Masters – Zhao Wei Dong and you have the journey of a lifetime.

Suitable for ALL levels of Tai Chi, including non-tai chiers, this was a chance to escape the well-trodden theme park formula that is modern Chinese tourism and visit the REAL China.

For information and videos of this tour, click on the links below:

2012 China Tour   ( click ‘here‘ to see videos of 2012 tour )  ( click ‘here‘ for an article by David Matthews )


Some links to previous tours:

Yunnan Province in 2005, remains as our most special China experience.

If you could only visit one region of China, this would have to be first choice.

From the temperate plateau of its pleasant capital, Kunming, to the
tropical south bordering Vietnam and Cambodia. From the exotic old
towns of Dali and Lijiang and the thundering gorges of the upper
Yangtze to the Tibetan grasslands and spectacular snow mountains
of the north-west. This is one incredible Chinese province.

The six part video links below highlight an amazing 3 weeks a group of us
spent being captivated by this wonderful place and its people:

Kunming and surrounds

Riuli, Tengchong and Dali

Dali, Lijiang

Lijiang, Zhongdian



Yunnan 2005 part 7     


In 2011, we had the privilege of escorting a small group of senior ladies around Malaysia. It was a very enjoyable 2 weeks spent with some really lovely people.

Malaysia is our second home and the links below help to highlight why:


Penang Part 2



Kuala Lumpur

Penang Slideshow

Gourmet Magazine Article on Penang


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