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Master Tang Lai Wei

Tai Chi Schools

The ‘business’ of Tai Chi is mostly counterproductive. I don’t know of too many people who have been able to retain credibility while seeking an income from it.
We have watched several schools lose their way by putting money ahead of an honest attempt to better the lives of their students. There are also schools who prefer not to mix with other schools because they are presumably insecure about their own abilities.
You won’t find any of those schools listed here.

Advance Martial Arts Academy  with Master Gary Jackson. A highly skilled Instructor and a great guy. Classes are held in the Kinglake area.

Tai Chi for Life  with Master Tang Lai Wei. Classes in Nunawading and Frankston. Master Tang is one of the world’s best practitioners and teachers of Chinese martial arts and he lives right here in Melbourne.

Ziranmen  with Master Liu De Ming. Classes held in Richmond and Elwood. Master Liu is another world class Tai Chi Master and a brilliant teacher.

Moving Meditation Centre   Classes held in Kew. They are a nice group of people specializing in Wu Style Tai Chi.

Master Liu De Ming

Tai Chi Wushu Institute  with Master Shao Zhao Ming. Yet another top-line Martial Artist from China. Classes held throughout Melbourne.

Bayside Tai Chi  Classes in Cheltenham, Hampton, Bentleigh and Sandringham. Contact Jackie Watt (03) 9598 4881. Jackie is a very well respected and patient teacher. She is skilled at making tai chi accessible to people who may otherwise find it too difficult.

Dandenong Academy of Tai Chi  with Roy Jackson. No website or email address ( the link is to a directory with contact information ). My first ever teacher. If not for him, I may never have been inspired to continue.

Master Gao Jian

Tai Chi Bunyip  with Syd Lewis. Yet another Tai Chi Instructor caught in the dark ages – no website. Don’t let that put you off, Syd is unique and highly skilled. Most people in Bunyip are probably blissfully unaware that they have a top notch Tai Chi teacher in their midst. There aren’t too many country towns with A Grade teachers. Phone 0428 686 031 for details.

Golden Lion Academy  A very professional and tightly run school. Classes in Berwick, Rowville & Murrumbeena.

Harmonious Art Research  with Master Gao Jian. Classes in Doncaster and Box Hill. Another top level Chinese Master and a really nice man. He specializes in Wu Style Tai Chi and Praying Mantis Boxing. Having studied with him for 2 years, I really like his teaching style and depth of knowledge.

Master Peter Wu

Lara Tai Chi  with Des Blackman & Linda Lee.  Phone: (03) 5282 1308. Very experienced teacher and Des makes an awesome home brewed beer.

Chen Style Taijiquan Academy  with Master Peter Wu. Traditional Chen & Hao styles taught by a REAL Master in Burwood.  Highly recommended for students looking to develop genuine internal skills.

Healing Moves Tai Chi & Qi Gong   with Maxine Gardner, a talented teacher specializing in Qi Gong.  Classes in Berwick, Beaconsfield and Emerald.

Angelina Chung Tai Chi  in Glen Waverley. A very experienced teacher and a lovely human being.

Yulong Wushu & Tai Chi  is Professor Lily Sun and Master Tara Brayshaw. Classes are held in Albert Park, Bendigo, Docklands, Golden Square, Maribyrnong, Middle Park, Preston, East St. Kilda & Toorak. Professional, experienced and really nice people. If you are interested in the Duan Grading System, Lily is the only Duan Wei Examiner and Instructor in Australia.   Phone:  03 9527 7377 or 0407 941 101.


World Tai Chi Day – Ricketts Point

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