​​​​2012 China Tour

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Relax Asia – China Tour 2012

In late July 2012, a group of 18 people from different Tai Chi clubs across Victoria headed off on a 21 day tour of southern and central China. The tour group was organised by the “Relax Asia” team of John Hanna and Veronica Greer, who also run the Tai Chi Plus club in Patterson Lakes and have been great teachers and supporters of tai chi for many years.

During the trip we visited the Panda Breeding Sanctuary in Chengdu, the Giant Buddha in Leshan, several temples in the Emei Mountains, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, the Kung Fu and Wushu centre at the Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Tai Chi in the magnificent Wudang Mountains, the beautiful West Lake area of Hangzhou, and the biggest movie studio in the world in Hengdian.

The highlight of the trip was spending 5 days in the “small” town of Xinmi working on our tai chi training with Master Zhao. The training spent some time focusing on the fundamentals of tai chi and then learning a new umbrella form. Keep an eye out at the next outdoor and park sessions for a demonstration of the umbrella form.

At the end of the 3 weeks we left China with some great memories of a vast country with a deep and rich culture and history, and interesting people. We also made great friends with the other people on the tour and we all have many wonderful shared experiences.

David Matthews
Bayside Tai Chi Centre

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