​​​​Penang House 2012

Our recently restored 1876 Southern Chinese Eclectic Style Shophouse in George Town, Penang – 2012.


Click on photos to enlarge:

House facade

Seh Tan Ct
Our house row and temple
Tan Kongsi
Tan Kongsi & our House during Chinese New Year
Tan Kongsi CNY
Tan Kongsi during Chinese New Year
Five Foot-way
House Five Footway
Front room
Downstairs antique screen
Downstairs granite airwell base
Looking up into Airwell
Looking up into the Airwell
bedroom doors
Bedroom doors
bedroom windows
Looking out of the upstairs windows
kongsi roof
Kongsi roof from upstairs front windows
looking down from front windows
Looking down from front windows
Upstairs looking toward front bedroom
Upstairs looking toward back terrace
Looking down through Airwell from 2nd floor
Back terrace
Upstairs back terrace
Back terrace area
Back terrace
Upstairs bathroom
Upstairs bathroom
Terrace to bathroom
Looking from terrace to bathroom
Looking down from mezzanine to bedroom
Looking down from the Mezzanine to the bedroom
Looking down from 3rd floor mezzanine
Looking down from Mezzanine - 3rd floor
Tan Kongsi Penang
Our house is to the right of the temple
Tan Kongsi Gates
Tan Kongsi Gates


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