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Tai Chi Plus is a system of teaching Tai Chi that maximises the student’s capacity to benefit from and enjoy this wonderful art.
We have created a balanced and flexible learning environment, with a variety of exercises and flowing movements that you can simply follow along with.

Tai Chi Plus Instructors
Vince, Jen, Veronica, John, David, Shirley and Robyn

Classes also introduce posture and stance training, foundation exercises, Qi Gong meditation, Tai Chi principals and theory, light stretching, breathing techniques, body awareness sessions and even some basic Chinese language.
There is also the systematic learning of a large range of Tai Chi forms, from the Beijing 24 core form through to various weapon sets ( sword, fan, broadsword, pole, umbrella ). There are traditional forms, competition forms, Yang, Sun, Wu, Wudang and Chen style, pushing hands, martial applications and more.
Most importantly, students can develop their skills at their own pace in a relaxed and non-competitive environment.
The Tai Chi Plus teaching philosophy is to offer students an intensive learning experience.

Rather than sending our Instructors out to various locations around Melbourne, we all teach under the one roof, at Patterson Lakes on a Wednesday night.
The Instructors and senior students are like family and as a combined group we offer students quality attention.

Tai Chi Plus National Team 2002Meet the Instructors

 Assistant Instructors

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Forms practiced by Tai Chi Plus

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